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Brundall Medical Partnership

The Medical Centre

The Dales
Norfolk NR13 5RP
Tel: (01603) 712255
Open Mon-Fri 8.30-6.30





Advice for parents during coronavirus - Please see Documents, Forms etc in list on the left hand side of this page.




IF you collect your medicines from us and you are: -

1.  You are over 80

2. Pregnant (any stage)

3. Shielding 


Please contact dispensary regarding delivery of your medicines



In order for us to maintain social distancing as much as possible we have had to review our appointment system and make changes. Please read below. The appointment system will be reviewed again in a months time.

Please note that all Chronic disease appointments wil be reviewed by Phone (Diabetes, Asthma, COPD & Coeliac)


Appointments can still be made for the following:

Cervical cytology (Smear), Injections - Vit B12/depo/prostap/zoladex, Dressings, Bloods, INR's, ECG's, Blood Pressures, Immunisations and Coil Clinics.


Contraceptive advice can be given over the phone. Please note we may not be able to initiate the pill as we are unable to get a Blood pressure reading or record your weight.


Non Essential Appointments with our Nurses/HCA's will be cancelled these include: NHS Health Checks, Primary Prevention checks, Pre-diabetes checks, pill checks and Travel.



Online appointment booking - only available for Blood Pressure checks and cervical cytology (smear tests) at present until further notice.


Please note if you are currently shielding need a BP check or Smear please ring Surgery to book your appointment.


Once registered, appointments with a GP, NP or specific appointments with a nurse may be made (subject to availability) or cancelled online (once registered), by phone or at the surgery.



Click on image above to open online booking page.


Open Access Clinics - Monday to Friday 8.30 - 11.30 - suspended until further notice


Please call the Surgery the Receptionist will ask you a few questions and then you will be invited to our Telephone Triage Clinic if appropriate.


Making an appointment to see a doctor  Suspended at present


Appointments with a GP can be made up to 4 weeks in advance in the afternoon, subject to availaibility.  If you are registered for our online appointment booking service selected doctor’s and nurse appointments can be booked online. 


When contacting the surgery for an appointment  you will be offered to come down to our Open Access Clinic but if this is not appropriate you can request to book an appointment.  If you specify a particular doctor you will have to wait longer than if you are prepared to see any clinician. The Nurse Practitioner or any of the doctors will see patients whose usual doctor is not available providing that they have appointments available.


If you ask for an ‘urgent’ or 'same day' appointment we expect you to accept any offered appointments, i.e. if a patient advises that an urgent appointment is required and is offered an appointment in the morning they are expected to accept that appointment.  It is not possible for patients to ask for an 'urgent' or 'same day' appointment but stipulate that they will only attend late afternoon, only see a doctor, only see a male or female clinician.  

Patients will be offered an appointment with the most appropriate clinician which may not be a doctor. 


Please ensure a separate appointment is made for each person seeing any clinician. 


If you make an appointment that you subsequently do not need please cancel the appointment thus enabling that appointment to be offered to another patient.



Routine 10 Minute Appointments i.e. booked in advance


There are GP & Nurse Practitioner appointments available to be booked in advance in the afternoon.  These appointments may be booked online. 


All clinicians reserve the right to ask you to book a further appointment if you present more than one problem in a single GP or Nurse Practitioner appointment.



Same Day 10 Minute Appointments


The practice operates a system where there are same day appointments available with a Nurse Practitioner plus some available with a GP. There are fewer pre-booked appointments available on our busiest days of Monday and Friday. If you request an appointment for the same day you will be directed to a Nurse Practitioner.  If all same day GP appointments have been utilised patients are expected to accept the appointment with a Nurse Practitioner


If you obtain a same day appointment this does not mean that you will definitely be able to see your usual doctor or see someone at the time you wish.


If you request a same day appointment we expect you to be willing to see whichever clinician, GP or Nurse Practitioner, is offered at the time offered.  If you decline to see the offered clinician this will be noted.  However, if no other appointments are available you will not be able to be seen.


The practice may use locum doctors to provide some additional cover as necessary.


The Nurse Practitioner is a nurse who has undergone considerable extra training to Nurse Practitioner degree level and who undertakes much of the work traditionally carried out by a doctor. The Nurse Practitioner will be able to help you, including generating a prescription if needed or, when occasionally necessary, refer you on to a doctor during the appointment.


Sick Children


Sick children will always be seen as soon as possible.  If there are no appointments available the receptionist will advise you when to bring them in.


Other Appointments


The practice operates a system for the nursing team where patients can self-refer and pre-book appointments up to 6/8 weeks in advance. The receptionist will ask what type of appointment is required so that the appropriate time can be allocated. The receptionist will also direct you to the most appropriate member of the nursing team. Some longer appointments for areas such as chronic disease reviews may not be available until late morning.


Attending for your appointment


On arrival for your appointment please use the self-check-in or report to the receptionist.  You will then need to go to the appropriate waiting area.  The clinician will call you in when they are ready to see you.


Our clinicians do try to keep to time but unavoidable delays occasionally happen.  Please be patient if you have to wait - the clinician may be dealing with an emergency or complicated problem.  Remember next time it could be that you needs extra help.


If you are more than 5 minutes late the receptionist will ask the doctor or nurse whether they can see you but it may be necessary to wait or rebook.  It is often not be possible to see you if this would mean that all the following patients would be unnecessarily delayed.


Appointment Reminders


While the service is funded by the NHS the practice will attempt to issue appointment reminders by SMS message to your mobile phone provided you have consented to receipt of SMS messages.  The patient remains responsible for remembering their appointment.  The practice accepts no responsibility if, for whatever reason, no SMS message is sent or received.


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