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Brundall Medical Partnership

The Medical Centre

The Dales
Norfolk NR13 5RP
Tel: (01603) 712255
Open Mon-Fri 8.30-6.30

Minor Injuries


The practice offers a minor injury service that is able to deal with various minor injuries including the following:-


Animal bites


Bumps and bruises


Foreign bodies in tissue

Small wounds



More serious injuries including those listed below will require the patient to attend A&E.


accidental ingestion, poisoning, fume or smoke inhalation

blows to the head with loss of consciousness or extremes of age

sudden collapse or fall in a public place

penetrating eye injury

chemical, biological, or radioactive contamination injured patients

full thickness burns

burns caused by electric shock

partial thickness burns over 3cm diameter or involving:

  (a) injuries to organs of special sense

  (b) injuries to the face, neck, hands, feet or genitalia

new or unexpected bleeding from any body orifice if profuse

foreign bodies impacted in bodily orifices, especially in children

foreign bodies deeply embedded in tissues

trauma to hands, limbs or feet substantially affecting function

penetrating injuries to the head, torso, abdomen

lacerating/penetrating injuries involving nerve, artery or tendon damage.

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