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Brundall Medical Partnership

The Medical Centre

The Dales
Norfolk NR13 5RP
Tel: (01603) 712255
Open Mon-Fri 8.30-6.30

Out of Hours

When the surgery is closed


Out-Of-Hours Emergencies - not for routine appointments

Throughout the time the surgery is closed, the 111 service can be contacted via the surgery telephone number for emergencies.  The service is not to replace a routine appointment with your doctor during normal surgery hours. 


You may contact the out of hours 111 service by telephoning 01603 712255.  Your may choose to have your call redirected during the following times:-

  • weekdays 6.00pm – 8.30am
  • weekends 6.00pm Friday to 8.30am Monday

These calls are charged for.  If you dial 111 direct the call is free from a landline.


You will be offered advice on the next course of action.  This may involve telephone advice from a doctor or a consultation at the 'Out of Hours' provider centre. If, in the opinion of the on-call doctor, you are too unwell to attend, a home visit will be arranged.



Norwich Practices' Health and Walk in Centre


Norwich Practices Health and Walk-in Centre,

Rouen House, Rouen Road, Norwich


Tel: 01603 611786   - NO APPT NECESSARY

Opening hours:      9.00am to 7.00pm, seven-days-a-week 




If you are seriously ill or have had a serious accident, then call 999 and ask for an ambulance.



Do not move the patient if:

• You think there may be a back or neck injury or any other injury that could be made worse by movement


If the patient is not seriously ill or injured:

• Take the patient directly to the accident department of the nearest hospital


When to seek urgent medical attention includes:

• Head injuries
• Loss of consciousness
• Severe bleeding, chest or stomach pains
• Broken or dislocated bones
• Choking


recovery positionRECOVERY POSITION

The patient is unconscious but breathing:

• Turn them on their side
• Check airway is open by lifting their chin and tilting the head back slightly


How to recognise severe chest pain or a heart attack:

• Vice-like pain in the middle of the chest, often spreading down the left arm and jaw
• Shortness of breath
• Sudden faintness or giddiness
• Grey pallor to the skin and/or clammy skin and/or sweating
• Lips look blue


How to recognise medical shock:

• Patient becomes pale, sweaty, drowsy and confused

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